ZCash prepares for the hard fork Sapling with the release of a new version of the software

ZCash prepares for the hard fork Sapling with the release of a new version of the software


Focused on the implementation of anonymous transactions altcoin ZCash continues preparations for the next major update with the release of a new client. This is written by CoinDesk.

ZCash 2.0.0 was introduced on Thursday, according to a blog post hosted by developer Shawn Bow. The company “calls on all users and miners” to update “in the shortest time”.

The hard fork itself is scheduled for October 28th. It is on this day that the block 419 200 should be released, on which the Sapling update will be launched. Until then, the new code will work in the test network, where it will be launched on the 280,000 block. According to Bow, this should happen next Thursday.

“Sapling was launched in the tesnet earlier, but due to changes in the rules of consensus, our node automatically returned back and will work in the Overwinter testnet, until Sapling is launched again on the installed block,” the developer explained.

The software version 2.0.0 includes experimental support for the remote procedure call function, which allows you to run the code on remote computers. Full release of the function should take place in version 2.0.1.

Upgrading Sapling should significantly reduce the requirements for storing private transactions and improve zk-snarks technology, thereby increasing the overall level of privacy in the ZCash blockchain.

The two-stage “ceremony” for specifying the encryption parameters of the blockchain ended on Thursday, after it was initiated in November last year. The project team noted that this procedure “required the largest multilateral computations from all that have ever been implemented.”

Hard fork Overwinter took place in the blockchain ZCash in June. With his help, a number of changes were introduced in the software, designed to prepare a cryptocurrency network for a larger October update.

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