Zcash Foundation will make the struggle with ASIC-mining "the first technical priority"

Zcash Foundation will make the struggle with ASIC-mining “the first technical priority”


Zcash Foundation announced that the opposition to ASIC-mining will be its “first technical priority”, in response to the release of the Chinese manufacturer Bitmain ASIC-miner, capable of working with the algorithm of Equihash.

In a statement published on behalf of executive director Josh Cincinnati, the Zcash Foundation reports that it immediately begins to allocate resources for the study of “the presence and power of ASIC in the Zcash network,” and also convenes a technical advisory council that will provide a “scientifically based response” to the problem.

Bitmain introduced its Antminer Z9 mini last week, and the first owners will get their devices in June. When this happens, the production of Zcash on GPU farms will lose its attractiveness, because the owners of new ASIC devices dominate the network of cryptocurrencies. Thus, developers must either come to terms with this, or carry out updates, perhaps on a periodic basis.

Previously, Monero developers decided to update their code every six months to make the issue of ASIC-miner for their cryptocurrency inexpedient.

Cincinnati also recognizes that the problem can not be solved at a time.

“Even if we manage to neutralize the wave of ASIC for Equihash, the discussion will not end there. Inevitably, new ASICs will appear, and then we will have to go through this process again,” he writes.

Despite the work already begun on the study of the problem, the Zcash Foundation promises that the final decision will remain with the community, which will accept it by voting. If the community agrees to change the code, the update can be made at the end of 2018, that is, a few months after the appearance of ASIC for Equihash.

Cincinnati draws attention to the fact that the proposed measures – this is only a short-term solution, while in the long term it is required to develop a completely different approach.

“There must be a better way. I think we need to start by shifting the focus of the discussion from the topic of ASIC confrontation to the established goals of this confrontation: decentralization, less concentrated proof of work and the availability of the network,” he concluded. “But before that time we need to act, and we will act.”

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