Xiaomi launches its own analogue of Ethereum-game CryptoKitties

Xiaomi launches its own analogue of Ethereum-game CryptoKitties


The largest manufacturer of smartphones in China Xiaomi launched its own analogue of the popular game on the Ethereum blockсhain CryptoKitties. This is written by CoinDesk.

Jiami Tu or CryptoBunnies allows account holders Xiaomi to launch digital rabbits, differing in design and built-in characteristics of rarity. Information about each “pet” is stored in the blockchain.

According to the current rules, every day Xiaomi will produce a certain number of digital rabbits at 11:00 a.m. Beijing time. Despite the absence of prior notification, the first brood of rabbits users dismantled within an hour.

The company emphasizes that it does not allow exchanging digital rabbits for crypto or fiat. Recall that in China, trading in cryptocurrencies has been banned since last year.

A similar product in early February launched the largest search engine of China Baidu. Its users are offered to shelter digital puppies.

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