Wyoming Passes Bill To Relax Securities Law For Some Blockchain Tokens

Wyoming Passes Bill To Relax Securities Law For Some Blockchain Tokens


In USA Wyoming adopted February 19, the bill that allowed certain tokens Blockchain to get around the regulation of securities, if they meet three key requirements in July 2018.

House Bill HB0070 was sponsored by seven representatives and five senators of the legislature of Wyoming. The bill received third consideration of the government Wyoming of the house of representatives with the consent of all 60 members.

This step occurs because U.S. regulators at the national level are trying to deal with illegal proposals from cryptоcurrency and spaces Blockchain, focusing on the need to control the market to protect investors.

Under the new bill, if tocante offered in Wyoming or just residents of the state – with Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or other method totoni not necessarily be registered as securities in the state if they meet the following three statutes:

“(I) the Token has not been sold by the developer or seller as an investment;

(II) the Token can be modified or provided for the receipt of goods or services;

(III) the developer or seller of the token has not concluded an agreement on redemption of any kind, or has not concluded a single trade agreement or scheme with the main intent and effect of manipulating or attempting to manipulate the price of the token on the secondary market”.

HB0070 is one of two projects related to cryptоcurrency sponsored by a group with twelve members that are currently way through the state legislative system. As reported by Cointelegraph, Monday 19 February, the Wyoming Senate bill 111 aims to release a crypto of tax obligations of state property in place since March 2014.

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