What Happens now that Tron has Left ERC20?

What Happens now that Tron has Left ERC20?


While the Tron mainnet launch hasn’t triggered the monster rally in TRX price that was forecast, many investors are still curious about how they will be affected by the eventual departure from ERC20 to Tron20. Here’s a quick overview of what to do.

First, wait for confirmation from Tron that the mainnet launch is complete, then look for directions from Tron on how to move TRX coins from your wallet to the appropriate exchange for conversion. Once the conversions are complete TRX holders will either hold tokens on the exchange wallet or a Tron Wallet.

Do not try and move the tokens to a hard wallet like a Trezor or Ledger Nano S as the new Tron20 coins will not yet have acceptance until the appropriate software has been developed to support the new token.

Don’t worry, TRX price will not be impacted by the conversion, only market demand affects price. So basically, until Tron announces conversion deadlines, your Tron ERC20 coins are safe wherever they are.

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