Walmart patents the use of a blockchain for storing payment data

Walmart patents the use of a blockchain for storing payment data


The American trade network of Walmart gave two requests in Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks of the USA in that described application of technology of blockchain for storage of pay data and their protection fetch. CoinDesk reports about it.

According to the first request, Walmart suggests to create vendor payment system on the base of network that automatically conducts transactions on behalf of client to the different service providers. History of operations is accessible to the users, but closed for the third persons. Payments will be got one or a few suppliers – depending on that, what services are given and who gave these services, – in accordance with a document.

An appendix continues:

“The system of sharing of payments of suppliers is presented in one aspect automatically to process payment for a lump sum, due for the products and services, related to the receipt and delivery of products, automatically dividing payment between parties, giving the services related to the receipt and to deliver products, and also to code payment and division of payment by means of blockchain “.

The second decision describes the system of digital trade with the use of technology of blockchain for the encryption of pay data.

As notes to the publication one part of the “system of sharing of payments of supplier also plugs in itself the system of authentification for the valuable digitised elements … In the exemplary variant of realization the system of authentification uses one or a few aspects ordinary blockchain “.

Near applications are the last game of intellectual property from Walmart. As reported earlier a company searches a patent on a “intellectual package” that will use blockchain as a method of the information encoding.

Besides it, Walmart also pursues requests on blockchain for the aims of chainlet of deliveries, especially for watching of supplying with foodstuffs.

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