Wall Street-Turned-Crypto Exec Novogratz says that "it's enough" for BCH-Promoting Tweet

Wall Street-Turned-Crypto Exec Novogratz says that “it’s enough” for BCH-Promoting Tweet


Former chief executive Wall Street Michael Novogratz in spring Saturday, on May, 5, Bitcoin (BTC) weighed against Bitcoin Cash  (BCH) on Saturday, on May, 5. Novogratz protected status of BTC as original cryptocurrency mentioned in the technical document of Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008, and the real proprietor brand of “Bitcoin”.

In addition to defence of status of brand of Bitcoin – confusedly called Bitcoin Core, name of the client of software, his detractors – Novogratz enumerated other perceived attributes of Bitcoin, taking a blow in a Bitcoin Cash on the way: “[BTC] it is the depository of value. This digital gold. It is market capitalization of Bitcoin in cash [sic]. ”

Novogratz adopted by one of the richest people in crypto at the beginning of this year, fully entered a cryptocurrency market in 2015 after a profitable 26-years-old career on Wall Street, both in Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group. According to  Bloomberg, Novogratz was able to attract 250 million dollars for the new venture commercial bank of Galaxy Digital, although cryptocurrency markets collapsed from record maximums in December, 2017.

A discussion about brand legitimacy in the association of Bitcoin broke out after a hard fork in the notebook of leading cryptocurrency, created Bitcoin Cash in August, 2017. Changes in protocol of Bitcoin Cash were done for the facilitation of scalability of cryptocurrency, on purpose to do transactions quicker and cheaper.

Fight between BTC and BCH  almost reached to court claim at the end of the last month. Members of association of pro-BTC began a campaign on collection of facilities for a lawsuit, it becomes firmly established in that crypto wallet and mediaservice of Bitcoin.com, headed BCH – proponent Roger Ver, intentionally misled customers for the purchase of BCH, washing out the difference from BTC. However, as reported recently, a lawsuit was anniented, and organizers with reference to absence of financing.

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