Vlad Zamfir called for discussion on the ways of repayment to the users of Ethereum after the break-ins


One of the leading developers оf Ethereum, Vlad Zamfir, called fоr a broader discussion of what steps, if it really is required, іt should be taken at the level of the software to return user funds after more frequent hacking projects and other coinage incidents. This is written by CoinDesk.

In particular, this was announced last Friday during the bi-weekly developer meeting. The participants spoke about EIP 867 proposals fоr improving the protocol Ethereum, which talks about ways to return funds.

As you know, in the past Ethereum already used such a mechanism as hardfork to modify the protocol. According to the publication, many of those present approved оf this method approvingly, but more restrained opinions were voiced.

At the same time, the developer Piper Merriam suggested that discussions in this form can easily become politicized, and therefore he believes that they should be conducted in the form of electronic correspondence.

The opinions expressed also touch upon such a question as the possible influence of developers on the possibility of blocking proposals for public discussion.

However, at the moment there is no single position in this issue among the developers of Ethereum, therefore, one should not expect that any decisions will be taken in the near future.

Recall, previously potential investors of the blockchain platform for short-term housing rentals BeeToken complained about phishing emails coming allegedly on behalf of the creators of the project. Presumably, the attackers “took away” from the victims already about 1 million in Ethereum.

It was also reported that on the night of February 7th, cybercriminals stole 6.2 ETH from users via fake Twitter-accounts of celebrities like Ilon Mask, Warren Buffett, John Makafi and Vitalik Buterin.

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