Visa: Coinbase not to blame for multiple write-off of funds from users’ accounts


This week, users of the American exchange Coinbase had to face multiple unauthorized write-offs from their accounts for purchases made earlier. While users blamed the team for the trading platform and threatened with group suits, Coinbase stated that the responsibility for the incident lies, most likely, on Visa, and not on the stock exchange.

Later, a representative of Visa denied this information and said that he did not know about such cases from other merchants, which means that the problem should be sought in the Coinbase system.

However, on Friday, Coinbase published a joint statement by Visa and Worldpay, the payment operator of the trading platform, according to which the problem arose not on the side of the exchange. TechCrunch contacted Visa and ascertained the veracity of this message.

The companies involved in the incident do not report what exactly the repeated write-offs were caused. They specify that most of the funds have already been returned to lawful owners who must find the corresponding entries in their bank statements in the coming days.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that he was glad that the situation was resolved in favor of his company, and promised to take care of that in the future to solve such problems before they occur.

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