Venezuela Launches Free Cryptocurrency Training Course For Citizens

Venezuela Launches Free Cryptocurrency Training Course For Citizens


In Venezuela, a new free cryptocurrency program was launched to educate citizens to sell and buy digital currency, including the recently launched Petro oil company, the Telesur TV local news office said on Saturday. 24

The opening of “Granja Laboratorio Petro” in Caracas will take place two days after the launch of the national cryptocurrency with petroleum from Venezuela Petro (PTR), which will take place on February 20.

Carmen Salvador, a cryptocurrency teacher at a newly created training course, commented that the school offers “absolutely free training,” noting that “in any international market, the exchange rate is worth $ 500 to $ 800.”

“Many of our young people here can not get so much resources, but the Venezuelan state guarantees that everyone can participate in these plans,” said Salvador.

Venezuela has launched its own oil cryptocurrency to attract foreign investors bypassing the economic sanctions that the United States and the European Union are applying against the country.

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