Venezuela Claims $735 Million Raised in First Cryptocurrency Sale

Venezuela Claims $735 Million Raised in First Cryptocurrency Sale


President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro states that on the first day of sale, his country raised $ 735 million for its controversial “petro” cryptocurrency.

Announced late Tuesday evening, Maduro did not propose any evidence to support the claim, although the messages, in particular, came directly from the official Twitter account.

Determine the minimum size of the electronic request that you submit: 4.777 million yuan and $ 735 million, resulting from initial operations with intensity in Petro.

– Nicolas Maduro (@ NicolasMaduro) on February 21, 2018

Reuters and the Associated Press said that Maduro did not offer any information about those who invested in previous sales, who presented results during a national broadcast on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Maduro faced with a higher commentary on the initiative he presented in December to use it to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the United States Government.

The pre-order was launched on Tuesday, and is scheduled to be continued in the following month.

However, there are still questions about which network will operate a token, since the one issued today documents the ethereum network, while another, which is the buyer’s guide, calls an alternative blockchain-sequential system called the NEM.

Contrary to the controversial detail, the Venezuelan plan for the first time shows that the country has moved to the release of its own crippling goods. This story grabbed the world headlines and caused a rejection of politicians both inside the country and beyond.

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