Users of the Cryptopia exchange are concerned about the massive blocking of accounts


Users of the New Zealand stock exchange Cryptopia, which is included in the top 50 largest stock exchanges in terms of trading volume, are concerned about the events taking place on the platform. The accounts of some of them were blocked for no apparent reason.

According to TheMerkle, the number of users who contacted the portal and reported the problem continues to grow. The situation is complicated by the fact that the Cryptopia support service does not respond to their requests. Some of them are trying to get an answer for more than a month.

The Cryptopia exchange does not support fiat currencies. Typically, such exchanges are more loyal to customer identification. Verification for Cryptopia is required only to increase the amount of funds available for withdrawal.

Crypto-exchange banks from time to time resort to the practice of blocking accounts if they suspect users of illegal activities. However, when the blockages are massive, suspicions are already falling on the stock exchange itself, and, as practice shows, it is not always unreasonable.

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