The US Internal Revenue Service has created a specialized group of investigators on cryptocurrency


The Internal Revenue Service of the United States (IRS) announced the creation of a specialized group of ten investigators to identify cases of tax evasion from income related to cryptocurrency operations, Bloomberg reported.

To date, the group has not yet brought charges against specific individuals, however, as the head of the IRS Criminal Investigations Department Don Fort believes, soon such cases will follow.

“Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be used to evade taxes, just like bank accounts in foreign banks,” Don Fort said.

Criminal agents of the IRS have the power to arrest citizens and bring their cases to trial and then sent to prison. At the same time, the first group, which studied the possibility of using virtual currencies for tax evasion, was established by the department in 2013.

Recently, there is also a loud story about the confrontation between the IRS and Coinbase: the tax service requires the platform for a significant number of user transactions between 2013 and 2015.

So, at the end of last year, the Federal District Court of California ruled that the company from San Francisco is required to submit to the tax authorities the personal data of more than 14,000 of its largest customers.

At the same time, the IRS pressure on Coinbase eventually led to the fact that the company eventually issued tax forms 1099-K, intended for some customers from the United States.

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