The US Federal Executive Service sold at auction bitcoins for $ 30 million


The US Federal Executive Service confirmed this Thursday that more than 3,600 bitcoins sold at an auction in January were transferred to the accounts of five buyers. This is written by CoinDesk.

The unknown winner of the auction received 1,600 bitcoins ($ 12.8 million at the time of publication). The remaining buyers received 500 BTC, 500 BTC, 200 BTC and 813 BTC.

With the exception of Riot Blockchain, who officially announced that she became the owner of one of the two lots for 500 bitcoins, the auction participants remained unknown.

It is curious that the agency sold for 100 bitcoins less than originally planned. Representatives of the structure explained that the technical difficulties caused this, and now they are storing the remaining bitcoins.

In 2016, the US Federal Executive Service has already conducted such an auction. Then it sold 2,700 BTC, which brought the government about $ 2 million.

On the last auction was announced on January 11. Then the service announced that it is putting up for sale 3,800 BTC for a total of $ 54 million. The desire to take part in the auction was expressed by 62 potential buyers. To do this, they contributed $ 200,000 as a deposit and were registered. At the time of sale on January 22, auctioned bitcoins were valued at $ 42 million.

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