US CLOUD Act Passes, Giving Gov’ts Easier Access To Private Data Stored By US Tech Companies

US CLOUD Act Passes, Giving Gov’ts Easier Access To Private Data Stored By US Tech Companies


The CLOUD Law (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) is a controversial last minute in the $ 1.3 trillion federal spending law that will allow the US government more access to US data for law enforcement purposes, and foreign government access to American companies for data on their citizens – were signed by President Donald Trump, reports GeekWire on March 23.

The bill was advocated by the advocates of privacy, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which he wrote after the bill read: “This final legislative bill will lead to an erosion of the protection of confidentiality around the world.”

The cloud law was added to the expense account of the omnibus on Wednesday evening, before voting on the bill for 2232 pages, which was held on Thursday. The bill passed 256-167 in the House and 65-23 in the Senate.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) published on March 12 “Coalition letter on the act of clouds”, which states that the bill, in their opinion, “undermines confidentiality and other human rights, as well as important democratic guarantees” because of it bypassing the Congress and the existing procedure for requesting stored information and “[placement] of authority in the hands of the executive branch”.

The content of the act allows the US to conclude deals with foreign governments – EFF adds that governments with human rights violations are not excluded – this will allow governments to directly contact US companies for data requests that “eliminates the level of judicial control,” writes GeekWire.

On the other hand, the argument for the bill, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and the Oath, wrote a joint letter on February 6 supporting the Cloud Act, writing about the need to protect the clients that this act would give.

Bitcoin (BTC) lawyer Andreas M. Antonopoulos published on Twitter after the Law on the Cloud adopted that the public should now “go out”.

Confidentiality of personal data was a key moment in the basic ideas of cryptocurrencies thermia, such as bitcoin. Earlier this week, NBA informant Edward Snowden said that he believes that Bitcoin’s public book was a “devastating public”.

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