Unverified users of the Poloniex exchange complain about blocking accounts

Unverified users of the Poloniex exchange complain about blocking accounts


Last week, owners of unverified accounts on the cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, began to complain that their funds had been frozen. The number of complaints in social networks and on forums is growing, and some users who were able to verify their accounts through an automated system also report that they can not trade or gain access to money. This is written by Bitcoin.com.

In December, the Poloniex exchange reported that all its users are required to undergo verification in order to maintain access to their accounts in the first quarter of 2018. In February, the exchange was purchased by the American payment company Circle. Many believe that the requirement to verify accounts is related to this sale, as the new owner of the exchange carefully approaches the issue of identifying users of their products and combating money laundering. Last week many unverified users of Poloniex lost access to their accounts, and the exchange meets them with the folllowing message:

Unverified users of the Poloniex exchange complain about blocking accounts

Source: Bitcoin.com

In one of the discussions on Reddit, complaints begin to accumulate about the verification process itself. So, user u/PauleeWorli writes that he still can not access his account, despite having completed all the necessary procedures.

“I’m an unverified user. When I went to the stock exchange today, they told me to be verified,” he explains. “I did it, after that I received a confirmation letter. My profile says that it corresponds to the third level of verification, which allows you to transfer $25,000 per day. But when I try to start trading, he says that my account is frozen. I have issued a ticket and viewed the answers on Twitter. It seems that many have faced such a problem: the account is verified, but frozen.”

Other users write that they were not warned in advance that accounts will be immediately blocked.

“Something’s wrong, Poloniex. I clearly remember that before the advent of 2018 you warned about the disabling of trading for unverified users. Then you reported that such users will be able to withdraw their money,” one of the participants of the conversation writes. “I did not even get a letter telling you about the time frame!”

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