TorGuard began selling physical goods using the Lightning Network


The user Reddit under the nickname btc_throwaway1337 reported the successful purchase of a VPN router from TorGuard using bitcoin-transaction in the main network Lightning Network (LN).

The event itself was reported by the company itself:

Was this the first physical item purchased on the Lightning Network?

In their tweet, representatives of the TorGuard VPN service noted that this may be the first purchase of a physical item using LN.

In his message, btc_throwaway1337 expressed admiration for the purchase process:

“It was quick, easy, painless and, most importantly, instantly and without commissions!”.

Also the regular Reddit noted that it was quite easy to open the LN payment channel and it cost him $ 2.40.

It is also worth noting that TorGuard announced its readiness to accept payments using the Lightning Network as early as January 8:

ATT BTC Users: TorGuard now accepts mainnet Lightning Network BTC payments. Ask support for details!

At the same time, the developers noted that the implementation of the LN “c-lightning” protocol is still somewhat raw and that the company is ready to cover the losses of users in case of possible losses of funds.

Earlier it was reported that the company Blockstream launched an online store with payment support Lightning Network.

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