Three investors bought 50% of Metronome's tokens

Three investors bought 50% of Metronome’s tokens


About Metronome was first heard in autumn last year, when the startup of the ex-developer Bitcoin Core Jeff Garzik Bloq issued a statement. The project is designed to enable users to make transfers between different blockchain. The team promised to create a “cryptocurrency for ages.”

“Institutional investors should be extremely pleased with the appearance of such a product,” said co-founder Matthew Roszak.

Developers intended to produce 10 million tokens MET, 8 millions from that it was planned to produce during open ICO. Other chinks had to remain for the participants of Bloq. Bargaining by cryptocurrency were pre-arranged as “autonomous auction with a going down price”.

“Over time, the MET auction price will decrease linearly, until the auction is over or all METs are sold,” the project release said.

However before completion sales today, on June, 25, in social networks users began to grumble about that majority tokens appeared bought up, from what many users were not able take part in a campaign.

“In the last minutes auction all took away very large whale”, – one users of Reddit wrote, marking 3 transactions containing in a sum about 3,3 million tokens.

One such address purchased 2 million tokens at once. The participants the project do not comment a situation while. Users mark thus, that Garzik, before criticizing the model of distribution of many altcoins doing them a target for “pump – and – dump”, made an analogical error.

Before CFTC advised investors to conduct own research of assets in that gather to be inlaid. In particular it touches cryptocurrencies with small capitalization and subzero liquidity.

“Clients are not necessary to acquire virtual currencies, digital chinks or tokens on the base of advices from social networks or sudden jumps courses. Carefully study virtual currencies, digital chinks, tokens and companies engaging in their emission, to dissociate empty agiotage from facts”, – “Warning is talked in the document of the American financial regulator of defence of clients”.

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