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Blockchain to go Mainstream with Baldet’s Bespoke Dapp Startup

The difficulty of developing decentralized applications will ease as Amber Badlet’s bespoke dapp store (Clovyr) is set to launch by Q4 of 2018. Badlet and former JPMorgan colleague Patrick Nielsen intend to provide a “blockchain agnostic” path to dapp design as Clovyr’s all inclusive protocol will allow clients to build on ethereum blockchain at first, followed by additional blockchains in the future.

The decentralized application store will display a range of popular applications along with a unique selection of in house dapps and tools which allow clients to easily design their own custom applications.

The entrance of a bespoke dapp designer is bound to garner the interest of public and private enterprises interested in re-tooling their business model to accommodate blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

LedgerX Launches Bitcoin Savings Account

Ledger’s bitcoin savings account will be regulated by the U.S. Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) and allow BTC longs to grow their profits in fiat. Basically, participants select the desired yield and profit based on their BTC holdings and a LedgerX algorithm handles the rest.

Using current customer data, LedgerX anticipates great interest for this service as it appeals to hodlers over swing and day traders. Earning fiat profits from holding bitcoin could be the next step in enticing institutional investment into cryptocurrencies and the fact that the CFTC has approved LedgerX for such a product will surely encourage other legacy financial institutions to develop similar products.

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