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Coinbase Competes with Fidelity in Customer Size

Coinbase now oversees more than 20 million accounts which is double the number of Charles Schwab and nearly equal to the number of customer account managed by Fidelity Investments. These numbers are set to increase as Coinbase launches a range of new investment options and data analysis tools for institutional investors. In a recent blog post Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong discussed the challenges faced by the company, along with the successful impact of recently implemented solutions. He attributes the recent success of the company to a renewed focus on improving customer service, reducing ticket resolution time and improving employee satisfaction and retention. Proof of these efforts come as Coinbase recently featured on the list of top places to work in California. Last week the company was rumored to be in pursuit of a banking licence after talks with federal and state regulators. This move could see Coinbase become the go to cryptocurrency exchange for institutional and retail investors.

Mobile Payment App Revolut to List Ripple (XRP) this Week

UK mobile payment startup and digital banking app Revolut has revealed plans to list Ripple (XRP) on its mobile app via a Twitter post earlier this week. Head of Marketing, Chad West also confirmed the addition by altering Twitter followers to keep their eyes on Revolut’s social media account this week. The digital banking app allows users to transfer funds, exchange currency and cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC) and also includes a prepaid Mastercard or VISA debit card. Similar to RobinHood Crypto, most services in Revolut are free and there is even a vault where users can secure funds in a saving account. Using the app and debit card, users can make payments via smartphone and execute ATM withdrawals in 120 currencies.

Verge (XVG) Hacker made off with $1000 XVG per Minute!

Less than a month after a 51% attack Verge (XVG) appears to have been hacked again. Bitcointalk user “Ocminer” explained that the attack uses a altered version of the exact same method used to hack Verge last month. Basically, the hacker used 2 algorithms to split Verge blockchain and claim the block rewards while earning millions of XVG tokens. This algorithm allows the hacker to process 25 blocks per minute which adds up to 18,250 XVG ($950). What’s further bewildering to investors is the fact that XVG seems to have no solution to preventing this type of security breach even though a nearly identical attack occurred last month.

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