The US authorities first stopped ICO by a court decision


This is the project PlexCorps, which, as part of the collection of funds for its crypto currency PlexCoin, promised investors a return of 1354% for 29 days. In general, since August the project managed to attract $ 15 million from “thousands of investors” in the crypto currency, the regulator said.

Previously, the SEC complained to the start-up and its founder Dominic Lacroix in the federal court of Brooklyn. According to the commission, Lacroix had already violated the law. The court granted the regulator permission to freeze the assets of PlexCorps, Lacroix and his partner.

What kind of assets are involved and technical details of the ICO’s stop at the SEC have not been disclosed.
This is the first case, charges on which were put forward by the Cyber ​​Unit of the SEC, the report said. The unit was established in September this year to deal with the crimes in the field of the blockcain and ICO.
The head of the cybercrime, Robert Cohen, noted that the PlexCoin case is an example of what the unit will look for and what it will do. “We had to act quickly to protect investors in the retail sector from the false promises of this ICO,” Cohen added.

Against the backdrop of the SEC decision, the price of PlexCoin tokens fell by almost 35%.
Recall that at the end of July 2017, the SEC published its position on the market of crypto-currencies, within the framework of which it equated tokens issued by ICO to securities. Recently, another stock exchange regulator in the US allowed to trade bitcoin futures. In most other countries, the status of crypto-currency is not defined yet.

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