The third co-founder of Centra Tech is accused of fraud with securities worth $ 25 million USA

The third co-founder of Centra Tech is accused of fraud with securities worth $ 25 million USA


According to Department of the USA, third co-founder of start Crypto Financial Services Centra Tech Raymond Trapani was arrested yesterday, on April, 20, and accused securities and swindle with wires in size of more than 25 million dollars of the USA, related to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of press-release the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) of April, 20.

Two other co-founders, Sohrab Sharma and Robert Farkas were arrested and accused of the same crimes before in April. Charm, Farkas, now arrested Raymond Trapani advertised the card of “Centra Card”, that, as reported, was supported Visa and Mastercard, that allowed to the users to convert crypto in currency.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) report that between Centra and two companies of credit cards there is no partnership.

According to the press-release of DOJ, since a founder was in autumn the last year arrested unconnected allegedly knavish ICO, Charm was asked by Trapani and Farkas to delete all false information of “fufu” about the transaction of Centra with Visa from the web site: “I shortened any fufu rather.,, Now Then worry.,, All, that does not exist.,, We need to delete.

New York Times writer Nathaniel Popper wrote in twitter complaint of SEC against Trapani alluding to the problems the founders of Centra Tech ran into that, using the casual photos of people as their “members of command” in the Internet. One of decisions of question about the necessity of moving away of photos, when people complained, it was to invent a false motor-car accident, to kill a false director general and his counterfeit wife In the press-release of DOJ deputy of public prosecutor of the USA Robert Khuzami said:

“As became firmly established, Raymond Trapani had arranged things with the defendant, to inveigle investors into false statements about their product and about relations that they had with reliable financial institutes. Although investing in virtual currencies is legal, lie to deceive investors no”.

In Centra Tech such celebrities, as boxer Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled. Public warned the past autumn of SEC that approvals of celebrities of ICOs can be illegal, if they do not expose indemnification that they get for the advertisement.

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