The study of the Irish University calls for government action to promote blockchain in the country

The study of the Irish University calls for government action to promote blockchain in the country


Research authors in the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway about the acceptance of blockchain in Ireland called a government it is more wide to move forward this technology in a country, The Irish Times reports.

In research recommendations are offered on the increase awareness and adoption  blockchain , that, as reported, can render positive influence on the economy growing and provide a basis for that, as a government and Irish organizations carry out business.

Dr. Trevor Clohessy in NUI Galway, heading research, called to operating government under advancement blockchain in Ireland by development of national initiative :

“Besides business, other advantageous uses of this technology would be in machines for voting and urns  voting for the removal swindle on elections and potentially examined the system authentication border with the controlled technology that would provide a possible decision for present North / South of Brexit “

Study, entitled “Acceptance Blockchain in Ireland: study influence of organizational factors”, was undertaken a NUI Galway in partnership with Association Blockchain of Ireland. Factors that influence on the Irish companies in their decisions about the acceptance blockchain are examined in research. Basic conclusions show, what only 40 percents of enterprises in Ireland accepted this technology, that relatively not high rate, in opinion to the researchers.

Research showed that basic factors influencing on the acceptance blockchain  are support from top management, organizational readiness, vagueness in a legislation and a lack of business cases and own experience.

Ireland occupies a 13th place in the index innovations Bloomberg 2018 high-performance the productivity and production with a added value and has the developed IT-infrastructure. Last years Ireland stamped itself as hub for fintech and blockchain business, advertising the below zero rate corporate tax in size of 12,5% with a contractual network with double taxation with 72 countries.

In the analogical research sanctified to the financial leaders all over the world, Fund of researches of financial leaders discovered that 30% of financial leaders “planned to distinguish resources for blockchain during one and a half next years “.

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