The South Korean entrepreneur received fakes in exchange for a large sum in Bitcoin

The South Korean entrepreneur received fakes in exchange for a large sum in Bitcoin


The exchange deal involving bitcoins came out for the businessman from South Korea with troubles. He found out that the cash that had been given to him in exchange for the cryptocurrency was a forgery.

The deceived man lives in Singapore. Under his control is his own cryptocurrency company.

A businessman planned to produce an exchange approximately 2,3 million dollars in Bitcoin on two millions in an euro. To that end he kept an appointment with a customer from Serbia in city Nice. After the settlement of a transaction a businessman understood that a new acquaintance had given to him fakes instead of the real notes. Thus scraps paper were rough copies that it was possible with lightness to distinguish from original.

After an appeal deceived in the organs of police, a swindler was detained. He lived in a five-star hotel in Cannes. At him found out a clock the cost of that is estimated in a 100 thousand and chic machine euro.

The human rights activist of the detainee said that his client is accused of fraudulent actions and involvement in the organized crime group. The police are still looking for others involved in the crime.

It is reported that the injured businessman got acquainted with the intruder and his accomplice, when they were interested in investing funds in the Singapore company. But the deal ended in an exchange operation a large amount in virtual money.

It should be noted that fraudulent incidents involving fake banknotes, changing to cryptoсurrencies, have happened before. So, in April of this year, more than ten people were detained, who, through fraud in Tokyo, seized Bitcoin in the amount of almost two million US dollars. They offered their victim a profitable exchange rate, but most of the bills they gave out turned out to be counterfeit.

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