The sixth largest mining-pool in the world has been told, on what prices it is possible to switch off miners

The sixth largest mining-pool in the world has been told, on what prices it is possible to switch off miners


Over the past 2 days, the market for a cryptocurrency has undergone a significant correction, as a result of which bitcoin returned to the level of $6,500, and Ethereum updated the annual minimum below $250.

The hash rate of the bitcoin network is growing throughout 2018, which has fallen from its recent high of 62EH/s to the current 49.54EH/s, according to

Thus, the continued growth of the hash-rate, supplemented by the decline in the prices of crypto-assets, once again forces us to raise the question of when the cryptocurrency majors will abandon their important function to ensure the security of the detachment.

The co-founder of the sixth largest mining pool in the world F2Pool posted an image on the network, the price of which will become unprofitable.

“Miners can not be turned off,” 8btc translates his commentary from Chinese.

The calculation was made taking into account the complexity of mining as of September 6 and the price of electricity 0.45 yuan (4.55 rubles) per kWh. Thus, the cost of producing one bitcoin on the Antminer S9 is 30,262 yuan ($ 4,424).

What was to be expected, for older devices with less energy efficiency, such as Antminer S7 and Avalon A741, the limit is even higher. So, extraction of one bitcoin on S7, according to the calculations of the co-founder F2Pool, is 79,258 yuan ($ 11,594), which is almost 2 times higher than the current cost of bitcoin.

If you believe the presented data, with the task of mining bitcoin, the T2 minor ($ 3,896) is the best. It is followed by Avalon A841 and Antminer S9. In addition, in the context of current prices, the cryptocurrency miners who are trying to mine Siacoin on A3, Dash on D3 and BTM on B3, do it at a loss.

However, the Chinese users who left their comments under the original message were not discouraged by such conclusions.

“I will never turn off my miners,” one of them writes. “Accepted. The bitcoin may fall by another 20,000 yuan,” adds another.

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