The SEC filed 115 complaints against the Coinbase exchange

The SEC filed 115 complaints against the Coinbase exchange


From data informative edition Mashable, in the Securities and Exchange Commission of the USA (SEC) and Department on a supervision after business Californium 134 complaints entered with accusing crypto exchange of Coinbase swindle.

The SEC officially confirmed 115 complaints. Clients complain that crypto exchange without any explanations keeps their funds for a long time. Calls to the support service do not work, as they are either ignored or the answers contain formal unsubscribes.

Most of the complaints are similar to each other. The money was gone, but they did not reach the addressee, and the support assures them that they are dealing with the problem. In other cases, the funds are blockchain on the account and nothing can be done with them. There were even precedents when, in response to complaints about substandard work of the exchange, Coinbase blocked the user.

According to the representative of the company, Coinbase makes every effort to better serve customers:

“At the end 2017 cryptocurrency space tested the sharp splash of activity, as a result demand on our services increased in 40 times, and the volumes transactions grew on 300%. Nevertheless, we attached all efforts, that quality our services did not suffer. For a few last months we increased the state our command of support on 150%, decreased mean time of the first answer to less than 10 hours”, – the representative of company Coinbase told in electronic letter.

It  is not the first time, when clients express strong dissatisfaction an exchange. In February of this year a failure resulted in that the bank accounts some clients of Coinbase were by mistake exhausted. In reply some Redditors threatened to appear in headquarters of the company with a weapon.

However this situation was a non-permanent error – though very bad. On the other hand, considerable part that contained in the complaints of SEC, reflects an obvious picture supposed to thriftlessness of exchange.

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