The price of bitcoin: what to expect in 2018?


On November 29, the whole world with a sinking heart watched the instability of the price of bitcoin. Its price reached a record level of $11,935. Then followed a rapid decline to $9250.

According to experts, a sharp drop in the value of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world is due to the correction and the desire of traders to record profits from the continued growth of the cryptocurrency.

As Maxim Blunt, a columnist and economist, explained, investors took into account the sharp increase in the bitcoin rate in recent days and decided to fix profits for security.

“At about $ 5.85 thousand at least November 12 (about 2 weeks ago), the high of yesterday-the day before yesterday was about $11.25 thousand, almost 90% for those who bought it, 90% for two weeks. It must be very greedy that they are not those who came in 5-6-7-8-9 thousand dollars to earn their 20-30%, they got faster than they expected. They took profits,” he said.

What will happen to the bitcoin course in 2018? Experts argue that his rate can rise to $ 15-50 thousand. Such a rapid price increase in the world in recent times is observed because of the growing interest in the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency, working on this technology.

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