The platform for selling tokens from AngelList is increased by $9.2 million in the first round of funding

The platform for selling tokens from AngelList is increased by $9.2 million in the first round of funding


According to an official press release published today, April 5, CoinList, a platform for financial services based on tokens with an emphasis on compliance, collected 9.2 million dollars USA during its first round of fundraising.

CoinList is a subsidiary of AngelList, a website for connecting startups to investors and job seekers.

The press release notes that the CoinList index of $9.2 million includes previously raised funds from VC Accomplice and the research firm Protocol Labs, as well as the crypto funds Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group, FBG Capital, Libertus Capital, Blockchain Capital, Coinfund and Electric Capital.

According to the CoinList website, projects on the platform for the last twelve months collected about $435 million. Moreover, the  Filecoin’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) coinage was more than $205 million as an outstanding person for a large sum.

CoinList runs the ComplyAPI compliance service, which promotes itself as “compliance with compliance requirements,” so you can focus on selling your token. ” The Service conducts AML and KYC-based audits for potential investors, and also ensures that only accredited investors – those whose amount is more than $1 million or annual income of $200,000 – participate in the sale of company tokens as “in accordance with US securities laws.”

Andy Bromberg, co-founder and CEO of CoinList, said in a press release that the success of the CoinList funding round “reflects the growing need for promising Blockchain companies to have excellent compliance and execution of the sale of tokens:

“Now, more than ever, companies that raise money through ICO need a platform partner who knows the finer points of execution and regulation. CoinList provides even greater honesty to beginners who have already distinguished themselves, and consolation for accredited investors who want to commit Blockchain technology. “

The launch of the ICO in the US requires that the company either register for an accredited US Securities Investor (SEC) or register its ICO as a security offer.

ICOs across the country were closed due to the fact that the SEC cites the sale of “unregistered securities”, most recently in Massachusetts, in part because of the recently launched SEC cryptocurrency probe.

The Praetorian Group filed a SEC in early March to register its ICO as a security offer; if their application is accepted, they will be the first company to conduct an ICO controlled by the SEC.

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