The number of users of the Blockchain wallet grows by 50,000 people a day

The number of users of the Blockchain wallet grows by 50,000 people a day


The head of the service reported that the number of new cryptocurrency users is increasing by 50,000 people a day, even against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis in the cryptocurrency market.

Such data was voiced by the CEO and co-founder of Peter Smith, commenting on the interview in Bloomberg, in which Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong proudly announced similar achievements of the exchange, but not in the current period – this trend was observed against the background of the last year’s bitcoin rally.

Peter Smith noted that the number users of the purse Blockchain is actively growing and now, because the service helps to increase practical knowledge about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, helping to really apply new technologies in life.

“Amendment: it is worth noting that this service “Blockchain” registers 50 000 new users per day, even during a prolonged fall. It is gratifying to realize that new participants interested in the practical use cryptocurrency join the market.”

In his message on Twitter, Smith hints that Coinbase only contributes to the growth of speculation in the cryptocurrency market, but does not allow the use of digital money for practical purposes, unlike the Blockchain wallet. In other words, Smith points out that trading and investing in cryptocurrencies do not contribute to mass adoption cryptocurrency, but only worsen the position of the crypto industry.

Recall, two weeks earlier Coinbase brought upon itself the anger of the crypto community due to the introduction of cryptocurrency censorship, ceasing to support the transactions of Venezuelans in accordance with US sanctions policy – now users of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from Venezuela can not withdraw or transfer their cryptocurrency.

Service, although also participating in political initiatives, still adheres to the line of the development and research, and not copying restrictions: not so long ago, the startup concluded a partnership agreement with the United Nations for joint research on the possibilities blockchain technologies in various fields, from conservation natural resources to the protection of democratic foundations.

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