The NEM course is growing amid the completion of compensation payments to Coincheck users

The NEM course is growing amid the completion of compensation payments to Coincheck users


Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck reported on the completion of payment of compensation to users affected by the January hacking of the trading platform. Its money was received by all 260 000 victims of the hacker attack.

A total of 523 million NEM tokens were stolen from Coincheck. In accordance with its obligations, the exchange paid investors 88.54 yen for each stolen token from its own financial reserves. This is higher than the current price of NEM, but lower than the price at the time of hacking, when 1 NEM cost about 110 yen. In total, the company paid $435 million to its customers.

According to the Coincheck spokesman, the whole process of paying compensation took the exchange just one day.

Along with the completion of payments, Coincheck began processing requests for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency assets, the withdrawal of which was suspended on the day of the hacking. The market does not accept deposits yet.

Earlier it became known that the internal system of the exchange was infected with a phishing attack, which was carried out a few weeks before the break-in. NEM, like many cryptocurrencies, provides its users with a certain degree of anonymity, which complicates the process of searching for intruders. Coincheck together with law enforcement agencies is investigating the incident, but nothing is known about its results.

In the meantime, happy Coincheck users are spreading information about getting compensations in social networks. The market for cryptocurrency has responded positively to this news, and the NEM rate has risen 20% over the past 24 hours, while most digital assets are falling again.

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