The Indian police demanded to install in hotel blockchain system of registration

The Indian police demanded to install in hotel blockchain system of registration


The police of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh ordered all hotels to set the new blockchain system of registration, worked out by the local startup of Zebi. It is planned that afterwards a novelty will appear and in hotels through this country, CoinDesk reports.

As the saying goes in description of project, the system unites in itself technologies of blockchain and artificial intelligence, to collect and keep data about the visitors of hotels. According to developers, such mechanism will allow not only to simplify a process for clients but also will help to prevent potential criminal activity.

So, the collected information will be collated with the constabulary base of these criminals and disappearing without a new persons and will help to define whether a certain visitor has the criminal past.

According to creators, the system, getting the name Zebi AI Chain, is already set in more than 200 hotels, including The Park, Taj Gateway and Novotel in Vizag.

The deputy of commissar of region Vizag  Fakeerappa Kaginelli confirmed that setting of new decision was obligatory for all hotels on this territory.

“All hotels it is ordered to bring in data about placing of clients. Already 230 establishments use this system. She allows in real time to watch after criminals and their antisocial activity. As yet parallel instances fixed it was not”, – Kaginelli declared.

As edition marks, in accordance with the Indian legislation hotels are under an obligation every day to give the personal data of the guests to the police.

“Usually they do it by hand, that can result in abuses at transporting and storage of papers. In addition, on treatment of documents leaves plenty of time”, – a chief executive and founder Zebi marked Babu Munagala.

He added also, that “private and delicate” information of guests was kept in the system Zebi AI Chain in a “unalterable format”. It is marked at the same time, that access to these data is possible only with permission clients.

Manager of hotel The Park Nagesh Kumar Venkata  added that in the past a police visited hotels regularly, to check status of tourists and their history, however “now it is optional”.

Speaking about plans on the future, the representatives of Zebi marked that a startup prepared to the “full-scale start in all hotels of India”.

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