The European Central Bank: cryptocurrency regulation — is not in the list of priority Affairs


The European Central Bank (ECB) softens its stance towards the cryptocurrency. Regulation of cryptocurrency now “not in the priority list of current Affairs,” said the head of the Supervisory Board of the ECB Daniel Nui during a CNBC interview on February 7. The ECB representative added that although she “knows for sure” whether the new regulator steps in relation to cryptocurrencies, the level of involvement of the ECB in the regulation of cryptocurrencies “very, very low”. The head of the Supervisory Council approves: “We are carefully studying the possible models of regulation. Ready to take action if necessary. But for now, this question is not in the priority list”. This comment was given in the run-up to the March G20 Summit in Argentina, where government regulation of cryptocurrencies will be one of the main themes, according to a large number of sources, including from the ECB. Despite the December the appeals of the Minister of economy of France, Bruno Le Mayor, the bureaucracy of Europe is in no hurry to intervene in the market. ECB President Mario Draghi said on Monday: “We did not observe relevant systematic approach to cryptocurrencies in supervised institutions… In fact, financial-credit institutes…. show very limited interest in cryptocurrencies, e.g. bitcoin”

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