The crypto-wallet Opera allowed users to send CryptoKitties and other collectibles

The crypto-wallet Opera allowed users to send CryptoKitties and other collectibles


Opera browser now allows its users to send “crypto-collections” like CryptoKitties through the built-in crypto-wallet, which was announced in July.

The company said in its blog that it had implemented this function first in the industry – although other wallets already support the sending of “collections”, including MetaMask – and added:

“We believe that society is beginning to live more and more in the network, and there is moving our desire to collect things.”

Thus, now users of the wallet, which is still in beta testing mode, can send their “crypto-collections” to other users, whereas earlier transfer of ownership rights required the use of a digital marketplace.

According to the developers of Opera, the trend of “crypto-collections” “just started”, and online services like games will become more common – as technology will develop and become more user friendly.

“Crypto-collections” like CryptoKitties became possible thanks to the Ethereum-standard ERC-721 for non-interchangeable tokens – this standard allows each token to have unique parameters that other tokens may not have.

In its statement, Opera also notes that non-interchangeable tokens can be used to “unlock access to content or check the compliance of certain digital assets with some criteria.”

In addition, Opera said that it is expanding the closed beta test of its wallet for new users, reopening the registration.

The crypto wallet will also soon be equipped with a transaction notification function – the company reported that it will monitor user transactions and inform them of the status of their execution. The same applies to users who receive payments, tokens (the wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens) or collectible digital items.

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