The Chinese court will accept the evidence held by the detainee

The Chinese court will accept the evidence held by the detainee


An Internet-court in Chinese Hangzhou, that the proofs kept through blockchain  technology can be used as proof is in judicial trials, СoinDesk writes.

“A court considers that must save open and neutral position on the use blockchain  for the analysis separate businesses. We do not may cancel it from him only because it is difficult technology. We also can not simplify a standard only because he is protected from an unauthorized division”, – talked in the comment of judge.

Business during that this decision was taken away touches a lawsuit medias-companies Huatai Yimei against a technological firm from Shenzhen given from violation of copyrights.

Huatai Yimei registered images, codes website and other proofs through a platform for storage proofs on the basis blockchain  В During a judicial trial the representatives plaintiff screened image web pages and text, that, in their opinion, were used illegally.

A basic question on this business consisted in that, whether blockchain can used for determination authenticity oproofs, like traditional notarial service.

In the total a judge awarded judgement in behalf on a plaintiff, that the proofs kept on blockchain  can be the accepted court. This decision became one of the first official cases of the use verified in blockchain data in judicial trials in China.

The Internet-court of Hangzhou was officially founded in August, 2017 and is one of the first instances in China, that processes businesses and settles the questions of the intellectual property related to the internet, exceptionally online.

Before this year PRC President Xi Jinping first in the positive key publicly pronounced on technology of the up-diffused register, confessing her breach potential. According to him, blockchain  is important part technological revolution in 21th century, that China must carry out, to attain success with an economy.

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