The Binance Exchange has issued NEM

The Binance Exchange has issued NEM


Binance Exchange has announced the opening of three new trading pairs with NEM cryptocurrency: XEM/BNB, XEM/BTC and XEM/ETH.

NEM’s input/output and trading are already available on the site.

NEM is a blockchain-based platform that offers a set of corporate-level tools designed to manage a variety of assets.

The NEM ecosystem is built around the so-called “smart assets”, which allow you to adjust the lock-up of cryptocurrencies to the individual needs of the user. NEM provides an easy-to-use API that allows you to integrate your startup solutions into mobile applications and your existing corporate infrastructure.

NEM cryptocurrency fell into the headlines in January this year due to the cracking of the Japanese exchange Coincheck, with which more than 500 million XEM was stolen.

The addition to Binance was a welcome event for the holders of the cryptocurrency and the NEM rate rose by 20% in a short time.

The Binance Exchange has issued NEM

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