The Bank of England is exploring the possibility of launching the national cryptocurrency


The central bank of the United Kingdom as early as 2018 can put into circulation the national currency, pegged to the pound sterling. This is reported by The Telegraph.

As the source notes, in February 2015 the Bank of England established a research group that is currently exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology and the prospects for implementing transactions based on it. The working group will provide the results of the research in the next year.

According to the head of the British central bank, Mark Carney, the most interesting for him is the “underlying technology” underlying the cryptocurrency transactions:

“Basic technology [blockchain] is in great interest. We are working with her now at the Bank of England.”

Also, according to it, the agency has already held negotiations with other central banks regarding the prospects for the introduction of the national cryptocurrency. At the same time, Karni is convinced that the technology of the distributed registry can “favorably affect financial stability” and improve the efficiency of interbank settlements.

Recall, Venezuela is preparing to launch the national currency El Petro. President Maduro is confident that it will strengthen “monetary sovereignty” and “overcome the financial blockade,” and will also become “an effective resource for fighting the speculative dollar.”

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