The artist from LA encrypted $10,000 in secret cryptocurrency codes in pictures from Lego

The artist from LA encrypted $10,000 in secret cryptocurrency codes in pictures from Lego


On Friday, March 22, in the gallery Castelli Art Space in Los Angeles opened an exhibition New Money of local artist Andy Bauch. His works are secret keys made from Lego cubes for access to purses for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, writes Gizmodo.

In the process of creating works, Bauch used 100,000 cubes of constructor. According to the artist, with their help, he laid out the keys to the purses, on which lies $ 10,000 in bitcoins, Dogecoin, Litecoin and other altcoins, which he acquired in 2016.

“My work is an attempt to fill the gap that often exists between new technologies and humanity,” Andy Bauch said.

Each wallet is encrypted with a private key consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. Initially, these keys were added to the algorithms to generate patterns, then modified them somewhat, creating drawings that he liked himself. Having completed this work, Bauch also thoroughly tested the pictures, making sure that the private keys really work.

Each of the paintings of Bauch has its own price tag and is accompanied by information about exactly what cryptocurrency it contains and how much it cost when buying. Considering that since 2016 the prices of all cryptocurrencies have grown by several tens of times, their current rates will also be projected during the exhibition in real time.

At the same time, although the works are put up for sale, any visitor who can unravel the encrypted code will be able to transfer the cryptocurrency to his wallet. Also, Bauch created a separate page, where information is presented with the names of the pictures, their original and current value.

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