Telegram and American startup will be suing to GRAM cryptocurrency

Telegram and American startup will be suing to GRAM cryptocurrency


Telegram messenger filed a judicial case in regard to the American startup of Lantah LLC, that plans to produce own cryptocurrency under the name Gram. A lawsuit is registered on May, 11 in the circuit court of San Francisco, CCN writes.

Telegram also plans producing cryptocurrency GRAM within the framework start of blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON),  so the representatives of messenger consider that Lantah violated rights on their trademark.

“Telegram possesses priority rights on the trademark “GRAM”, as already conducted the widely lighted up and very successful suggestion agreements about a purchase, using this term. Lantah company operates unconsciously and aims to turn to advantage from a mess arising up from the practically identical names of this tokens”, – talked in the text point claim.

In turn, head of Lantah Daniel Jeffrey declared that his company publicly had used the name Gram till knew about intention of Telegram to show out to the market the product with the same name.

“It is confirmed by the presence of rights on a trademark”, – he specified.

From the complaint:

“Unauthorized use of Lantah in commerces sign service, similar likeness with the brand GRAM Telegram Messenger, caused and can still cause a mess or error or cheat consumers and potential consumers, public and trade related to belonging or connection, between Lantah and Telegram, when such belonging, connection or association is not.”

We will remind, presently the creators of the blockchain platform  TON conduct the closed testing of service Telegram Passport, that will allow to identify personalities users Telegram by means of their personal data.

Thus, at the beginning of the month Telegram refused to sell the public ICO. In general, the complication in two rounds, the last of which was closed at the end of March, Telegram collected $1.7 billion.

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