Team Parity assured that it doesn‘t seek a new Ethereum hardfork

Team Parity assured that it doesn‘t seek a new Ethereum hardfork


The developers of Parity Technologies spread on Thursday, on April, 26, a statement over, in that assert that does not plan making alteration in the code of the client, that would bring to the division of blockchain Ethereum.

By the article of hot discussions about possible hardfork debatable suggestion of EIP became in the network of Ethereum – 999, that would allow to free 513 000 ETH (more than $320 million on a current course) blockchain on the wallet of Parity in November 2017 as a result of vulnerability.

Before a command Parity periodically both called to hardfork or it is said that does not consider such decision appropriate. In the last statement under that signed co-founder of company Gavin Wood and CEO Jutta Steiner, Parity insists that not “intend to conduct the division of blockchain Ethereum”. In search of arranging all parties decision a company intends to organize “work with an association”.

“We gave plenty of time and efforts to development of ecosystem of Ethereum, and we do not intend to cause harm that it was helped to create. We believe that Ethereum is major part of the decentralized web-infrastructure, and intend to attach all efforts, to do the platform of open, scaleable and safe both today and in the future”, – talked in the statement of Parity.

The representatives of project added also, that they sorry that as a result of error in code users still do not have an access to the frozen facilities, marking, however, that victims have grounds to undertake attempts for their return.

Also a company notarized an association, that revised the politics of safety, including a development of smart contracts process. Besides it, Parity Technologies made agreement with a public accountant company Trail of Bits.

We will remind, on November, 11, 2017 attracted during ICO of means of a few blockchain  startups appeared frozen after a “casual” code removal in the smart contracts of wallet with a multisignature from Parity Technologies.

The startup of  Gavin Wood of Polkadot suffered. On results tokenize in the middle of October of alien year a project collected $145 million, however $98 million in the equivalent of Ethereum appeared frozen.

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