Venezuela wants to pay Russia for spare car parts in El Petro cryptocurrency

Team El Petro Called American Sanctions “Free Advertising” for Cryptocurrency


Accоrding to the executive secretаry оf the Venezuelan “Observatory of blоckchain” Daniel Peña, the sanctions impоsed by President Dоnald Trump оn the Petro are, in fact, “free advertising” for the digital currency. This is reported by CCN.

Peña assures that a Trump administration decree forbidding any operations with the oil backed cryptоcurrency helped to dоuble the number Venezuelans interested and invested in the Petro.During the interview Peña expressed his opinion about cryptocurrencies and emphasized that their basis in technology of blockchain are “important steps for revolution of humanity”.

According to him, Venezuela chose the correct path, and approvals of the USA only serve to confirm this decision.

“…if US President Donald Trump gives it time, imagine that. A person so busy giving it his time, that means we’re on the right path.

Thus, he considers the approvals of the USA the cause of a boomerang effect which his doubled interest in the Petro. According to Peña, if before the decree there was an average of about 400 investors in a day, then after introduction this number was doubled because of Trump’s disapproval.

When questioned about the effect of the Petro on the Venezuelan economy, Daniel Peña answered,

“Petro’s impact will be felt within three to six months. We have already advanced fast. As the gringos know that we are going to quickly reorganize our economy, they attack the Bolivarian Government; but they will not stop the economy’s growth, they know it.

It was recently reported that one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex, had refused to list the Petro (PTR). The cryptocurrency “backed by oil” is also not listed the popular analytical website CoinMarketCap.

Last month the leader of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, declared that the preliminary sale of the Petro brought in 5 billion dollars. These numbers, do not match with currently available data which shows 38.4 million tokens available for sale at $60 dollars each. This means Maduro maybe have lied about these numbers.

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