Swiss Stock Exchange "open" to the idea of ​​trading cryptocurrencies

Swiss Stock Exchange “open” to the idea of ​​trading cryptocurrencies


The parent company of Switzerland’s main stock exchange SIX Group “opened” the possibility of launching a service for trading cryptocurrencies. This was reported by the company’s spokesman in a conversation with the news publication Swissinfo.

Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange (SIX) Group manages the largest stock market in Switzerland and plans to launch a “fully regulated” platform for digital assets trading by mid-2019. The service will include a “full set of services”, including providing advice on ICO for startups wishing to issue a utility-token.

In a conversation with Swissinfo, the spokesman for the SIX Group, Stephan Meier, said that there is a “real need” to ensure “transparency and accountability in the space of the cryptocurrency.” According to Meier, this will benefit both business and investors involved in the cryptocurrency industry, as well as participants in traditional markets.

Meier explained that the SIX Group has not yet decided on the “specific products that will be offered for trading” on the upcoming platform, adding that the issue of including cryptocurrency in the listing of the site remains open.

According to the SIX Group representative, the company will have a “technical opportunity to add various digital assets”, and each such asset will undergo a “thorough check”.

Stephan Meier also stated that his company “wants to create a bridge between traditional financial services and digital communities”. He stressed that SIX Group is cooperating with regulators on the issue of “identifying areas in the legislation that need to be changed or expanded.”

The fact that SIX Group intends to open a platform for trading in digital assets, it became known last week.

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