Study: More than a third of Bitcoin coins are found in "whales"

Study: More than a third of Bitcoin coins are found in “whales”


According to data of Chainalysis, well-known company on the analysis cryptocurrency, more than one third of all chinks bitcoin is only in 1600 wallets.

It, certainly, did not become news for the cryptocurrency  association, a term is even – many name these users “whale”. From the above-mentioned there are 1600 wallets, everybody contains more than 1000 bitcoins, thus 100 from them contain more than 10000 bitcoins. On current market prices, 10000 bitcoins cost $75 million approximately, that not at all index for a jeer.

The main economist of Chainalysis Phillip Gladwell  declared:

“This concentration riches means that bitcoin is liable volatility, as motion small number of people will have a large price effect”.

It became a serious anxiety, as when guarantor notorious Mt.Gox through auction sold thousands bitcoin it fed the short-term bear tendency folded at the market yet more.

The sceptics of the decentralized character cryptocurrency began to criticize the great number different projects for that they have analogical terms: large sums on the  wallets. According to the analysis done by the users of Reddit, 10  wallets of EOS contain the half all chinks EOS almost. However it is important to mark that some of these addresses, probably, belong to the exchanges, that reduces the risk problem centralization. However a further analysis showed that 75 holders of EOS owned chinks to the amount exceeding 10 million dollars and by subzero probability, that all of it is exchanges.

It became the article spores in an association, and some critics declared that attempts of to soften this form centralization uneffective. While abstrusely, as far as this question spreads on EOS, but we will see soon. Popular Altcoin, Litecoin, also had problems in this key are 400  wallets, contained more than 50%  all chinks, in circulation

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