Stephen Bannon, a former Trump advisor, may conduct an ICO

Stephen Bannon, a former Trump advisor, may conduct an ICO


According to the New York Times, former senior adviser to US President Donald Trump on political and strategic issues Stephen Bannon meets with investors and hedge funds about the potential initial coin offering (ICO) of his company Bannon&Company. Bannon declined to disclose the details, fearing that his ambiguous reputation could damage the future of the project.

In the past, an influential politician and now investor Bannon said that he owns a “good share” in bitcoin, adding that cryptocurrents challenge people and institutions endowed with power in the form of “revolutionary populism”.

“They take control from the central authorities. It’s revolutionary,” he said.

Bannon has been interested in cryptocurrencies, at least since 2016, but the general public became aware of his enthusiasm only after he left the White House in August 2017. In March of this year, Bannon said that blockchain technology is capable of giving people “true freedom”.

According to the New York Times, Bannon previously said he wanted to help people create cryptocurrencies, and even suggested that he might someday release his own called “exile” – the term “outcasts” was used by Hillary Clinton, describing the supporters of Trump.

Speaking about prominent figures in the sphere of cryptocurrency, Bannon said: “These guys are visionaries.”

Earlier the ex-adviser said that he helps other people to create their own cryptocurrencies. In addition, Bannon even considered the possibility of creating his own digital currency called “deplorables coin”. It was “outcasts” that called Hillary Clinton supporters of Donald Trump.

Earlier, ex-Counsel of Trump Gary Kon expressed confidence that in the future there should be a global cryptocurrency, but it will not be bitcoin.

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