Stellar integrates Lightning Network before the end of the year

Stellar integrates Lightning Network before the end of the year


The Stellar cryptocurrency project intends to integrate the technology of second-level payment channels Lightning Network by the end of this year. This is written by CoinDesk with reference to the statement of co-founder and technical director of the Stellar Development Fund Jed MacCaleb.

“Scalability is one of our main priorities for the coming years. The excitement is ahead of the reality of the blockchain space – the plans are huge. The problem is that technology is not capable of translating what people want today,” McCaleb said.

According to him, Stellar was pushed to this step by the partners of the project. So, the messenger Kik, which decided to abandon the Ethereum blockchain in favor of Stellar, may face the fact that the network bandwidth will not be enough if he transfers all his transactions to it, McCaleb fears.

In addition, IBM “has ambitious plans for banks that will use the network,” while the SatoshiPay micro-payment start-up and others are also interested in scaling of the blockchain.

“We know that if they used Stellar the way they wanted, Stellar would not have been able to do it,” McCaleb says. “Before people can use the platform, it must be prepared.”

Recall that last week the beta version of the Lightning Network client for the main bitcoin network was released.

According to McCaleb, the implementation of the Lightning Network in Stellar will require the development of its own version of the protocol. The project team intends to launch the technology in its test network by April 1. Release of the full version can take place already in the autumn.

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