Startup Taylor lost $ 1.7 million in Ethereum, collected at ICO

Startup Taylor lost $ 1.7 million in Ethereum, collected at ICO


“We’d like to give you good news, like last week, but now it’s impossible,” Taylor, the start-up, promising to develop a platform to help start-up traders and successfully completed its ICO campaign in March, begins its announcement.

According to the organizers of the project, when they came to their office, they found that all the funds collected in the amount of 2,578.98 ETH were stolen. In addition, their own tokens, released by the project and relying on the team and active members of the community, were stolen. The only tokens that have remained intact are in the pools for founders and consultants, since restrictions are imposed on them.

Taylor contacted the IDEX team to carry out the delisting of TAY and thus prevent hackers from selling stolen tokens. With EtherDelta at the time of publication of the original announcement, they could not be contacted, but currently the TAY market on this exchange is also unavailable.

“Although we used the proper precautions to prevent such a situation, we could not prevent a high-level and well thought-out attack, so now we have more questions than answers,” write the authors of the message.

Questions are asked and some community members who suggest that hacking is a mock-up and part of a pre-prepared exit poll.

“Was hacking inscribed in the roadmap?” – asked one of the participants of the Telegram-channel.

In the meantime, the developers of Taylor have promised not to abandon their plans and continue working on the project, but the road map due to the current circumstances will be changed.

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