South Korea will tighten the rules for importing chips for Bitcoin mining

South Korea will tighten the rules for importing chips for Bitcoin mining


The Korean Customs Service (KCS) declared that intend to toughen the rules of import in the country of chips for mining cryptocurrencies of foreign production. CoinDesk reports about it.

On information of edition, a department added chips for mining cryptocurrencies in the list of commodities that at an import in a country must satisfy to the certain criteria, by the set current legislation. One of such requirements is a presence of certificate of safety.

New requirements were entered since custom service fixed the height of number brought in the country of miners cryptocurrencies. So, in November and December the last year, from data of KCS, in a country it was brought in 454 mining chip on a lump sum 1,3 milliards begone ($1, 2 millions).

In connection with their considerable consumption of electric power and by-product related to heating, the use of miners causes a disturbance at an agency in regard to that, whether they assist high probability of origin of fire.

“As devices for mining cryptocurrencies consume the far of electric power and produce much heat, their exploitation is related to the enhanceable risk of origin of ignitions”, – talked in the statement of customs officials.

To level risks, service will watch after safety of the brought in devices in accordance with the requirements set by the National agency on the radio engineering.

The increase of technical control takes place when state and private sectors in South Korea passed to stopping allegedly of illegal activity on mining, especially in public places from fears of relatively high consumption of electric power and risk of fire

We will remind, at the end of March Federal custom service of Russia charged to inferior services to strengthen control after an import and export of equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. In particular, Russians were obliged to declare the devices brought in a country for mining.

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