Soros Fund Becomes Number 3 Shareholder of Overstock, CEO Known For Pro-Bitcoin Stance


The investment Fund оf George Soros was the third-largest sharehоlder in pro-cryptocurrency store Overstоck last year. According to an article published by CNBC on Thursday, February 15.

According to the recommendation of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC), told CNBC Thursday that Soros Fund Management has secured to the end of the 4th quarter of 2017 2 472 188 of shares in excess.

Internet platform Patrick Byrne became the first major Corporation of this type, which accepts bitcoin for payment in 2014.

After opening its partnership with units of the tZero, Argon and RenGen, Overstоck enjoyed several months of reserves growth phenomenon that was repeated as more companies to build links in the Blоckchain space.

At the same time, Soros, who is publicly stated that his opinion is cryptocurrency is like a “typical bubble” during settling of Blockchain technology, dumped shares in Facebook and Google.

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