Sony Pictures plans to protect its films with blockchain

Sony Pictures plans to protect its films with blockchain


The Japanese technological giant Sony and his “daughter” Sony Pictures Entertainment together gave a request on the patent of the system of storage of records about digital rights, based on blockchain. A corresponding document was published by US Patent and Trademark Office.

As the saying goes in a request, today’s control system by digital rights management (DRM), aspiring to interoperability, “can be not very reliable and depend upon one unique point of failure”. For the opinion representatives of Sony, “if responsible for a management digital rights the system or provider will be closed or somehow differently will stop activity, then users will lose access to all purchased content”.

At the same time all necessary identification information can be kept in blockchain, due to what users will be always able to look the content bought by them, talked in a document.

We will mark, system DRM are technologies allowing to limit access to materials, by the protected copyright, and to open him for those, who purchased one or another product. As an example provider DRM to the patent request of Sony cloudy service of UltraViolet is driven.

Thus as a purview of the patented system Sony Pictures Entertainment first of all names films and other similar forms of medias. However, it registers in a document, that a similar blockchain platform also can be used for a management by digital rights on “different content and data, including films, television, video, music, audio, games et cetera”.

A few potential applications of technology are described in a request. In each of them user rights are encoded in special blockchain. A register begins with genesis-block, identification information of user is kept in that. When a consumer buys rights on certain content (for example, downloading and viewing of film), then they are automatically written down in blockchain.

At the same time the “computer DRM- system will check up rights in blockchain and then decode medias, when required”. In the patent request of Sony it registers also, that this system “can accept different forms, including “DRM-agent” set on the device of user”.

We will remind how it was known at the end of the last year, Sony also gave a request on the patent of the blockchain systems of authentication of users. In addition, a company intends to involve blockchain in the field of education.

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