Snapсhat confirms it’s ban of ICO ads

Snapсhat confirms it’s ban of ICO ads


Snapchat just became the latest social networking giant to ban advertising for the initial coin offering (ICO).

Cheddar said on Monday that the parent company Snap Inc. safely implements the policy since February – the only limit ads for sales crypto-tokens, allowing in General the use of cryptocurrencies.

At the request of CoinDesk, a representative of the company confirmed that Snapchat really prohibits is ICO, but does not comment on whether he plans to extend the ban to other scriptactive action.

However, the position of the firm is relatively mild compared to the other giants of social networking. In January, Facebook banned ads and boosted posts related to cryptocurrencies, including mass technologies such as bitcoin. Meanwhile, Google announced last week that from June it will also prohibit the advertising of cryptocurrencies, including auxiliary platforms, such as Youtube.

It is reported that Twitter is going to deal with ads. Although this is not confirmed, it is expected that the ban will affect the wallets, exchanges and ICO with cryptocurrencies, with some exceptions.

Service micro-blogging is also working on targeted accounts and misinformation accounts that have plagued the website in recent months. While efforts until now, some community leaders and official accounts of the companies were also incorrect by mistake.

Recent steps to block crypto ads in social networking taking place on the backdrop of serious warnings from ICOs of the US Commission on securities and stock exchanges, in which many crypto-tokens may be deemed to be unregistered securities.

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