Scammers attract holders with a cryptocurrency offer of the new Tesla Model 3

Scammers attract holders with a cryptocurrency offer of the new Tesla Model 3


Cryptocurrency crooks are again trying to save network users from their savings, this time introducing themselves as John McAfee and offering Tesla Model 3 as the main prize. This is written by TheNextWeb.

“If you send 2 BTC or 20 ETH, you will receive the main prize – collected according to the individual order and signed by John McAfee Tesla Model 3, the delivery is included,” says the message to Medium.

However, in this case we are not talking about the real John McAfee, nor about a real blog on Medium. The domain that hosts a copy of the popular blogging platform page was registered just 2 days ago.

Users who come to this page are asked to send a small amount to BTC or ETH in order to verify their account and multiply their funds. As in other similar schemes, those who believe in an attractive, but still fraudulent proposal, do not expect to fulfill the obligations of fake John McAfee.

Under the main message there are a lot of comments, the authors of which admire the opportunity that has fallen out and thank the organizers of the scheme. That is curious, the usual visitor of page the comment can not leave. Most links return to the Medium page.

The names of McAfee and Ilon Mask do not cease to appear in various dubious enterprises connected with cryptocurrencies. Fraud with reference to the latter reached such a scale that recently Twitter began to automatically block all unverified users who claim that their profiles belong to the famous American entrepreneur and inventor.

Despite the obviously unrealistic offer, scams with free distribution of cryptocurrency continue to fill Twitter and other popular sites. Earlier it became known that the “free distribution of Ethereum” can bring $50,000 – $100,000 per day. Nevertheless, the organizers of the scheme described so far were not too fortunate – at the indicated by them cryptocurrency wallets by the time of publication no transfers have been received.

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